The Crowded Death of Eric Garner

by Johnny Newman

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released March 3, 2015

recorded and produced by Glenn Davis
mastered by Chris Graham



all rights reserved


Johnny Newman Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: The Crowded Death of Eric Garner
They come around the corner
The cops out on the beat
They come for Eric Garner
He had the big rap sheet
They said you can't bee selling cigarettes out on the street
Eric said I wasn't doing such a thing

It was in the broad daylight on July 17
A crowd it gathered 'round and everyone did see
Eric Garner's face was driven to the sidewalk's burning heat
With an arm around his neck he ate the heat

Couldn't Daniel Pantaleo hear the muffled screams
I guess a black man out on bail can't say just what he means
That choke hold held him down even though he couldn't breathe
Eleven times I cannot breathe
I cannot breathe

And the black man lay dead
And the camera told the truth
And the grand jury did what we hoped it wouldn't do
Eric Garner was unarmed and the white cops were fifteen
Eric Garner in the grave
Pantaleo walking free

And they blamed it on his asthma
And they blamed it on his weight
And they blamed it on the rap sheet
But they were lying straight
I hope my unborn children live in a world that sees

Not another 100 years
Of 200 year old fears
Where a man of 43
Can be out in the street
And a father of 6
Ain't murdered in the mix
A grandfather of 3
Assured in common peace
That a husband of one
Ain't choked out in the sun
That 11 cries is enough